HR Architects is an architectural planning and design studio founded by Rainaldy Himawan in 2019. This studio is a personal branding studio, engaged in architectural and interior design services.

HR Architects –Rainaldy Himawan, is known for his clean and modern approaches to architecture. In 2019 he established an architectural studio that was started when he got a coffee shop project called `Kedai Millenials` which is located in Taman Sari, Serang City, Banten.

Formed a personal branding studio called HR Architects, this name was taken from the name of the founders, ‘Himawan’ and ‘Rainaldy’, this studio was created individually.

The works of HR Architects have been a constant reflection of modern and clean contemporary, based on its context and its sensitivity to the environment, which develop a design that responds to the surrounding context / Human, Culture, Material, Climate Response.

He always improves his designs following the trends and looks forward to participating in building a better face of space and city. Inspired by his great love of travel, Rainaldy Himawan is constantly seeking more knowledge and experience, to celebrate the architecture of Indonesia.

Rainaldy Himawan, S.Ars

Founder & Principal Architect

Rainaldy Himawan or commonly called Rai, comes from the city of Serang, Banten, graduates of SMAN 2 Serang, and studied S1 Architecture at the National Institute of Technology (ITENAS) from 2016-2020, he is very passionate about the world of Architecture, especially in Design and 3D Animation, while in college he has been actively working on several freelance design projects and in 2019 he created his personal branding studio, HR Architects.

  • Participants in Proposal Design Jakarta Barista Festival, at Fatahillah Museum Jakarta, 2019
  • Participants in Proposal Design of Revitalization of The Bandung City Hall Park Sidewalk, 2020
  • Top 13th Nominees in TA Award in the Edu-Recreational Facilities Category at the National Institute of Technology (ITENAS), 2020
  • Winner, 1st place 3D Visualization of KBAI 2020 with Amreta Sangaskara, 2020
  • Architectural Designer at PT. Maswindo Bumi Mas (Completed 40+ Residential Designs), 2020-2021
  • Winner, 2nd place 3D Visualization of the 9Th CEIC with Amreta Abisatya, 2021
  • Speakers Online Workshop 3D Rendering with Lumion 10, 2021
  • 2nd Place Winner in Arcbazar International Drive-Thru Competition, in Saudi Arabia, 2021
  • Freelance Design Architecture (HR Architects), 2016-Now

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